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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – How exactly does one properly engage in Naval Combat?

6 October 2018, Saturday, 9:49:25

How exactly does one properly engage in Naval Combat?

  • -Sinking a ship will heal some damage.



  • -Cleaving heals more, alongside giving you more resources.



  • -A boarding will fully heal the ship.



  • -Enemy ships successfuly set on fire will completely stop and take DoT.



  • -Bracing will drastically reduce all damage from all sources.



  • -There is, appropriately, a wind-up to ramming speed and increase the damage to max when you see wind rushing past the sides of the boat.



  • -You can drift and turn quickly by holding the “Slow Down” button, which is useful for turning your ship to avoid a ram from an enemy ship, or have the majority of a volley miss.



  • -Arrows are your long-range weapons. They can set ships on fire from a distance.



  • -Spears are the close range engagement weapons, ram aside. Spears on fire leave fire on the water, which makes it useful for slow, large ships.



  • -Upgraded spears and arrows can cause Weakpoints to appear, which are glowing sections that can be struck for critical damage.



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