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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Tips & Tricks

4 October 2018, Thursday, 16:37:20

Tips & Tricks

-Don’t buy the pegasus set at low level, you’ll never be able to afford the upgrade costs, even buying out of the helix store for resources. It looks cool, but don’t do it, wait till 50.



-It is easiest to find crafting materials that are outside (amongst trees, etc.) at night. They sparkle quite a bit, and that sparkle is harder to see in the daylight. You’re going to need a lot more than you probably realize.



-If you have to clear a restricted area, and you don’t want to kill someone you need to eliminate to clear the area (maybe you’ve sided with Sparta and don’t want to kill any Spartans, but you want to clear a Spartan held restricted area), you can sometimes recruit that person as a lieutenant. Recruiting that person will still complete the area. This doesn’t always work, as you have to be able to completely knock the person out to be able to recruit him.



-Break down all gear you won’t use. You’ll need those resources for engraving at the blacksmith, upgrading your ship etc.



-Restats aren’t free, you spend some drachmea doing it. Depending on your level and the amount of skills you invested in will affect the price of redoing it.



-Parrying stuns your opponents and gives you a temporary damage boost. Dodging at the right moment is what slows down time, not parrying.



-You can toggle the helmet visuals on and off in the Inventory menu so that you still get the defence and effects but you won’t see it on your character.



-When a higher ranked bounty hunter or base captain is giving you trouble lure them on top of a tall building, edge or near a cliff and spartan kick them off. Insta kills them when they hit the ground. But be weary because the heavies do not get pushed back from it too much. However they are slow and easy to dodge.



-There is a God of War Easter egg near megaris in a cave called the cave of kratos where you get a familiar chest piece with a leather shoulder pad with some really familiar red paint on your skin.



-The Spartan Kick in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is actually very helpful because it allows you to break an enemy’s guard. You can also use it to kick an enemy off a cliff without killing them, not that that’s necessarily the aim of the game with all the assassinating involved.



-Another reason to pick the Spartan kick early on is that the kick itself is non-lethal, which can be used to knock mercenaries unconscious and recruit them afterwards.



-If you dodge at the right time you also get the slow motion moment. You do not have to parry all the time. Plus if you dodge correctly you get behind enemies so you can launch your attacks and blast through them and maybe hit more than one enemy in a straight line.



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