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Assassin’s Creed Origins – How to Improve The Visuals by Adding ReShade

27 October 2017, Friday, 17:03:41


How to Improve The Visuals by Adding ReShade

Follow these simple steps;



1. Download ReShade 3.0 from their official website.



2. Run the installer and when it says select game, choose steamapps\common\Assassins Creed Origins\ACOrigins.exe. Once you have selected the .exe remember to check the DirectX10+ option.



3. When it asks you to install the shaders, click Yes then select only Adaptive Sharpen, Clarity and HDR.



4. Once the game starts up you should see a box appear in the top left corner saying “… … Reshade 3.0”. That means that it worked.



5. Once you’re either in the main menu or ingame you press Shift+F2 to get the ReShade menu to open. When that’s done you just follow the easy tutorial which shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.



6. When the tutorial is complete you can mess around with the settings, select which shaders work best for you, or just delete it if you’re unhappy with the final result.




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Karl Sven

Oh my god you just changed the experience of my game :O
Just to anyone thinking on trying this:
I play on a 2K monitor and with the reshades looks sharper and overall better than it did in my 4K Samsung TV….. 0_0!!!