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How to Get Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir

Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir can be obtained only after you are Worthy. This means that you first have to collect all the 5 Thor’s Armor Pieces by defeating certain bosses and finding secret passages.


Another requirement is to finish the story of the game, which means that it will take quite some time before you can get your hands on Mjolnir. The bosses are quite tough to beat, which means your player level will have to be quite high to defeat them. Nonetheless, lets look at how you can get Thor’s Hammer in the game.



Daughters of Lerion

As mentioned before, you are required to collect all the five Thor’s Armor Pieces and then end the story of the game. The first three armor pieces can be obtained by defeating the Daughters of Lerion, marked as mysterious bosses that you can find on the map. The icon of the daughters have a frowning face with a horned helmet.


Below we have listed the Daughters of Lerion, their locations, and the armor that you get after defeating them:


Daughter of Lerion Location Reward
Goneril Grantebridgescire Thor’s Breeches
Regan East Anglia Thor’s Battle Plate
Cordelia East Anglia Thor’s Gauntlets


Thor’s Helmet

Once you have defeat all the Daughters and taken the three Thor’s Armor Pieces, you are all set to look for the rest of the Armor Pieces. However, the daughters will also drop their swords that will allow you to open secret passages that lead you to the fourth Thor’s Amor piece, which is the Thor’s Helmet


With the swords in hand, make your way to East Anglia, on the King’s Bury island but on the north side near the Yare River. Here you will find a statue that requires the three swordss you got from the Daughters of Lerion. Insert them in the statue and you will find a secret passage containing a chest with the Thor’s Helmet inside.



Thor’s Cape

The final of the Thor’s Armor piece is Thor’s Cape, which requires you to beat all 45 Order of the Ancient’s members. There is a menu that lets you track the members by going to the Order tab in the menu. Some of the members are story related, which means that you will defeat them during your main story missions. While the others require you to locate them on the map and then defeat them.


The Orders of the Ancient’s members are:


  • Warden of War


  • Warden of Wealth


  • Warden of Law


  • Warden of Faith


  • Zealots


Once you have defeated all of the 45 Order of the Ancient’s members, you need to go to the Hidden Ones and talk to Hytham to give all the medallions taken from the members. This will in return give you Thor’s Cape as a reward.



Final Task – Complete Story

The final task that gets you closer to Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir is to finish the main story campaign of the game. More specifically, you have to complete the main mission called A Brother’s Keeper.


Once you have completed the story, collected all the 5 Thor’s Armor pieces, you need to head to the northernmost point of Norway near Hordafylke. The hammer will be north on the rocky mountain, in between the rocks.



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