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Astroneer PC Keyboard Controls

6 February 2019, Wednesday, 10:55:51

These are the default key bindings for the game Astroneer. You can customize the controls through the main menu.


General Controls:

Command    Key

Move Forward   W

Drive Forward    W

Move Left    A

Drive Left   A

Move Backward  S

Drive Backward  S

Move Right   D

Drive Right  D

Sprint    Shift

Jump    Space

Rotate the Camera    Right Click and Drag

Enter / Exit Vehicles    TAB

Open / Close backpack    Q

Activate the Deform Tool / Click to terrain resources to use   E

Hold the activate different Deform tool modes   Control + Shift

Place tether  T




Joy Emote    1

Happy Emote    2

Wave Emote    3

What Emote   4



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