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Atelier Lydie & Suelle – Control the Stunning Time Point

24 April 2018, Tuesday, 12:36:16

Control the Stunning Time Point

This is a high end trick. With some special buff, you can deal huge damage in one shot.

About the stun status, you should know something:

a. Everyone in battle, including our party members, has a max stun value. When the total stun damage gets over that max value, the monsters, or you, are stunned.
b. The stun progress is shown by the yellow circle around your or monsters’ avatar on the time line.
c. When stunned, the unit can’t do anything.
d. When stunned, all the damage taken will ALWAYS BE CRITICAL.
e. Stunned status will soon get recovered by any damage or healing actions (one full action, not one hit) on the target, or just by the time.
f. Recovery from stunned status will double max stun value in this battle.
g. Everyone has a slow stun recovery as every unit’s action goes on. Its speed affects how fast you recover from stunned status.
h. Almost All the damage except normal attack can deal stun damage. Some effects can also deal stun damage like “Add Stun L”. Some effects and traits and buff can enhance your dealt stun damage like “Hammer of Justice “. Some effects may enhance your damage when the target is stunned like “Ruthless Blow”.

So it’s easy to conclude that, buff your main attacker first, then stun the monster, at last deal huge damage to end the battle.

Since all the damage taken will be always critical when the target is stunned, you can easily get the critical bonus and save some trait slots for some more aggresive ones.


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