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Atelier Lydie & Suelle – Materials of 999 Quality

24 April 2018, Tuesday, 12:31:50

Materials of 999 Quality

Only few things are affected by quality. Now we prepare something for that “few”.


You need 3 quality traits: Super Quality, Pro Perfection, Quality Up ++

Average quality over 476 can become 999 with all the 3 traits.

Average quality over 542 can become 999 with Super Quality and Pro Perfection.

Average quality over 666 can become 999 with Super Quality.

Some Catalyst has a quality bonus. You can add them to the average quality.


How to active the Components effect depends on yourself. With catalyst and agents you can work easily. We recommend Ruby or Philosopher’s Stone as the catalyst. You can make them with Bargain, Mass Produced, Low Price ++ and duplicate them.

When synthesize a 999 quality thing, remember to duplicate it.

Following is the route:

a. Distilled Water: This is the basic. Loop itself until 999 quality.

b. Red Neutralizer and Zettel: Loop them with Distilled Water.

c. Polish: You have Distilled Water and Zettel.

d. Alchemic Clay: You have Polish and Red Neutralizer.

e. Raw Gems: You have Alchemic Clay, Distilled Water, Zettel. If it’s hard, synthesize them as high quality as possible.

f. Gems: You have all the materials of 999 or high quality.

g. Pure Oil and Apcol: You have Jet.

h. Rainbow Neutralizer: You have Alchemic Clay.

i. Blue Neutralizer: You have Pure Oil.

j. Yellow Neutralizer: You have Alchemic Clay.

k. Green Neutralizer: You have Jet.

l. 4 ingots: You have Raw Gems to synthesize Ingot first. Then synthesize other ingots by this.

m. Globe Ball: With Zettel, loop itself until 999 quality.

n. Insect Net: As high quality as possible. This can’ be duplicated.

o. Light Insect Net: You have Harmonium. This can’ be duplicated.

p. Tanning Fluid: As high quality as possible.

q. Leather: You have Light Insect Net.

r. Ashes of Origin: You have Globe Ball.

s. Purple Neutralizer: You have Tanning Fluid.

t. 4 clothes: You have Jet and Leather to synthesize Cloth. Then synthesize other clothes by this. You also have Light Insect Net and Alchemic Clay.

u. Crimson Stone: You have Ashes of Origin and Alchemy Clay.

v. Philosopher’s Stones: You have all the materials.



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