ATLAS – Taming Foods

Taming Foods

This is a short list of allowed foods to use for taming.

Effectiveness left(more) to right(less):


Tier 1

Chicken – Berries
Monkey – Berries
Parrot – Hardtack, or Berries
Rabbit – Carrots, or Berries
Sheep – Flowers, or Berries



Tier 2

Bear – Honey, Vegetables, Fruits or Berries
Cow/Bull – Rushes, Fronds, Vegetables, Fruits, or Berries
Crow – Worms, Fruits, or Berries
Horse – Sugarcane, Vegetables, Fruits, or Berries
Ostrich – Chili, Vegetables, Fruits, or Berries
Penguin – Prime Fish Meat, or Fish Meat
Pig – Maize, Vegetables, Fruits, or Berries
Seagull – Prime Fish Meat, or Fish Meat
Vulture – Spoiled Meat, or Worms
Wolf – Prime Animal Meat, Bones, or other Meats



Tier 3

Elephant – Wheat, Vegetables, or Fruits
Giraffe – Beets, Vegetables, or Fruits
Lion – Prime Animal Meat, or other Meats
Rhino – Turnip, Vegetables, or Fruits
Tiger – Prime Animal Meat, or other Meats


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