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ATOM RPG – Useful Tips & Tricks

7 December 2018, Friday, 5:21:46

Tips & Tricks

  • -Once you open your inventory in combat(4AP) you can use unlimited number of drugs and reload all your weapons for it.



  • -Crits are affected by your accuracy. Accuracy over 100%/10 for regular shots and Skill/10 for aimed.



  • -If you shoot an enemy before they spot you – you get 1st turn. If the enemy spots you – they will get the 1st turn no matter your Sequence. What that means is Sequence is not as valuable as it could’ve been.



  • -Every robbed caravan lowers the chance of meeting one by 1%. I would not advise doing that as you have more loot than traders to sell it to. Just trade your trash for the things you need.



  • -Traders restock every 3 days. you can save and skip time until you get him restock. See if he has what you need and reload if not.



  • -If you Alt-F4 on survival the progress is not saved. Use it if you want to cheat.



  • -Car is in Old Scrapyard. Take the quest from a guy with a chainsaw in KRZ. Kill the mutants.



  • -Buy and store all Scrap metal, Waste Paper and Gunpowder.



  • -When you finish book burners quest – choose a book as a reward. Eat a mushroom in Otradnoye and read it inside the stone circle. See what happens.



  • -You can give food to your companions if you place it in hand slot and click it and then on your companion.



  • -Evasion unlike what the name suggests doesn’t help you evade. Enemies have more accuracy than that. What it actually does is being subtracted from enemy accuracy effectively cutting their critical chances.



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