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No Man’s Sky Next – Audio Glitches/Rendering Issues Fix

28 July 2018, Saturday, 14:54:22

Audio Glitches/Rendering Issues Fix

Quite a few random audio stutters, misplaced sound effects, and improperly loaded textures are affecting the overall experience for players who downloaded the NEXT update. Your windshield might flicker in and out of existence, walls disappear, arms suddenly vanish and then re-appear on wrong parts of the body, and so on.


For Xbox One and PS4, there’s not a lot to be done until an official patch arrives, but on Steam, some users are reporting success by following the typical file integrity verification procedures.



How to Verify Integrity on Steam

If you haven’t gone through this process before, right-click No Man’s Sky in your library and choose “Properties,” then navigate to the “Local Files” tab. Click “Verify Integrity Of Game Files” and then follow the prompts.


Usually Steam will automatically download whatever files are missing or corrupt, but in the worst case scenario you may need to full uninstall and re-install the game.


When verifying files doesn’t change anything, turn off SLI if you use that configuration. If you don’t use SLI, some users have reported success by uninstalling their monitor in the Device Manager menu of Windows and then automatically re-installing by restarting the computer and going through the Detected New Hardware prompts.



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