Aurora Dusk: Steam Age PC Keyboard Controls


PC Keyboard Controls

You can customise shortcuts in the “options” -> “interface” -> “keyboard shortcuts”.



“F”: toggle full screen / window mode.

“1, 2, 3…0”: add a shortcut on an item. (rollover an item with your mouse cursor and press a key to assign a shortcut)

“del”: erase selected building / erase nearest wall.

“G”: savegame.

“Esc”: display options.

“Space”: close/hide all windows and bars & cancel building site.

“Enter”: validate building site.

Hold “Crtl” while pressing build button: choose location of a workshop/ressource.

“Y”: toggle camera lock.

“+” “-“: Zoom in, zoom out.

“tab”: show/hide characters bar. (if you select at least one companion)

“F1”, “F2”, “F3″… select a character. (if you select at least one companion)

“C”: display/close character sheet.

“R”: display/close ressources window.

“B”: display/close bestiary window.

“I”: display/close inventory.

“A”: attack nearest enemy / go to resurrect building.

“H”: show/hide houses bar / come back home.

“T”: show/hide defense towers bar.

“W”: show/hide workshops bar.

“L”: show/hide plant resources bar.

“left arrow”: scroll current building bar to left.

“right arrow”: scroll current building bar to right.

“O”: show/hide town centres bar.

“Backspace”: display message textbox. (multiplayer only)

“Ctrl”: choose location to build.

“Shift”: continue to choose a location to build.

“Alt”: Use enemy workshop.

“Pause”: pause the game.

“Scroll lock”: hide/display interface.



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