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Automation Empire – Useful Tips & Tricks & Controls

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Useful Tips & Tricks & Controls

  • To add minecarts or crew trains to a track, select the track you have built and press the ”add” button to buy some.


  • It’s possible to transfer resources between a step conveyor and mine track via this simple setup.


  • Mouse over a built structure and press Spacebar to duplicate the structure.


  • Containers can be useful for storing resources.


  • Minecarts can hold up to 4 crates worth of resources; this makes them ideal for transporting long distances.


  • Make use of research bays to unlock new structures and technology.


  • An unload station can be set up to destroy the crates which reach the end. It also automatically destroys any empty crates which reach the end.


  • Transfer claws can be useful for connecting or splitting up step conveyor pathways.


  • The downward nozzle of a transfer tube can only connect to a step-conveyor or mine track.


  • Minecarts move faster on highway tracks; use hotkeys 1, 2, 3 to switch track heights in build mode.


  • Minecart tracks are great for transporting resources from distant mining rigs; try it out!


  • Hold TAB to see inside all of your factories at the same time.


  • Avoid sending your drones on long journeys; travel time matters when designing efficient transport systems.


  • Do not expand to new resource deposits without fully utilizing your current ones. Bottlenecks in your system can cause major revenue deficiencies, do not let resources get backed up anywhere.


  • Claw track pitstops are best utilized in a relay system. Be careful with them, as they can massively downgrade your truck loading efficiency if used improperly.


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