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Bannerlord Online – A Guide To The Hidden Chest Quest


A Guide To The Hidden Chest Quest

  • To start the quest, go to any city on the map and head into the Tavern. In all taverns, The Thief’s location is different in nearly all cities to find him hold your ALT Key, and he has a chance to hand you the hidden chest quest. (We do recommend an army size of 61! Because Of Looters/Raiders/Bandits)


  • If you do get the hidden chest quest, The Thief will tell you to head to a random village on the map to find the chest.




  • Bird’s-eye view of Chest Locations;





  • The Locations circled in the Birds-Eye View Maps are in order with the screenshots you will see below from 1-5.


  • When you find the chest in the village, you have a chance of different loot, but you will always have the Trader’s Book Appear in the chest.


44 1


  • With the Trader’s Book, you just got, you will have to return it to whichever city you talked to The Thief at; in return, he will pay you for the book.


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