BATTALION 1944: Eastern Front Controls



PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

The default control scheme for BATTALION 1944: Eastern Front for PC is:



Movement Controls

Move Forward – W

Move Backward – S

Move Left – A

Move Right – D

Move Up – Left Control or E

Move Down – Spacebar or Q

Run Toggle – Left Shift

Jump – Spacebar

Crouch Toggle – C

Prone Toggle – Left Ctrl

Lean Left – Q

Lean Right – E



Combat Controls

Fire – Left Mouse Button

Targeting Toggle – Right Mouse Button

Grenade – Middle Mouse Button

Smoke – Four

Next Weapon – One or Two

Previous Button – Mouse Scroll Down

Melee Attack – V



Game Controls

Inspect Weapon – I

Scoreboard – TAB

Pause Menu – ESC

Ready Up – F1

Settings Review – Backspace

Team Selection – M

Loadout Selection – B or L

Group Chat – U

Voice Chat – Left ALT

Console – Tilde


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