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Battle Chasers: Nightwar – Crimson Garden – Statue Riddle Answers

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Crimson Garden – Statue Riddle Answers

In the Crimson Garden Dungeon are 3 Statues that ask a riddle and give three possible answers.



First Riddle

The end of this can spell the end for any,


it can give more than a fortune,


yet costs a mere penny.


More fragile than a blade,


yet can kill just as many.


The answer is Quill (Paper and Glass are wrong)



Second Riddle

Stretched and worn, curled and thrown,


weather cannot beat it down.


It bends and stretches but cannot break.


Yet a single cut, and it loses its strength.


The answer is Silk (Friendship and Rope are wrong)



Third Riddle

A hole I am.


I can show you a reflection of yourself,


and beyond me is blue or white, perhaps.


The answer is Window (Mirror and Sky are wrong)



Loot, Result

If the player replies with the correct answer, one gets a Tear Fragment. It starts with Rank 1 and can be leveled up to Rank 2 and 3 via answering the question correctly at the other statues in Crimson Garden.


The player can trade in the fragments for loot at any rank or time at every statue, but the loot is better with a higher rank. So if one answers correctly three times and trades in (Tear Fragment Rank 3), it will net the best loot.


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