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Battle Chasers: Nightwar – Secret (Hidden) Achievements Guide

6 September 2017, Wednesday, 14:42:08


Secret (Hidden) Achievements Guide

Make it to the road

Easy one, just go to the end of the start location to the global map.


It’s Just Beginning
Complete the Iron Outpost


Trial By Combat
Complete the Path of Fangs


Too Late
Complete Junktown


That’s Deep, Bro
Complete The Dig


Bad Moon Rising
Complete Deadwatch


Lich, Please
Complete Strongmont


Beauty is in the Eye
Complete the Crimson Garden


Vice Versa
Complete the Mana Rifts


Queen of the North
Kill C’drall


Barrel of Fun
Find Knolan


Blood and Tears
Bring Alumon into the party


Seeing Red
Find Monika


No Parley
Defeat the Pirate Captain

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