Battle for Wesnoth – General Controls and Hotkeys


General Controls and Hotkeys

These are the default control keys. Key setup might differ depending on the platform used. For example you will often have to use the command key instead of the control key when you are using MacOSX. You can change most hotkeys to your taste using the Preferences menu.


F1  The Battle for Wesnoth Help
Arrow keys  Scroll
Left click  Select unit, move unit
Right click  Context menu, cancel action
Middle click  Center on pointer location
Escape  Exit game, exit menu, cancel message
Ctrl+s  Save game
Ctrl+o  Load game
Ctrl+p  Go to Preferences menu
Ctrl+q  Quit game
Ctrl+f  Toggle full screen/windowed mode
Ctrl+Alt+m  Toggle muting of game sounds
+  Zoom in
 Zoom out
0  Reset zoom to default
Ctrl+e  Toggle ellipses
Ctrl+g  Toggle grid
Ctrl+a  Toggle accelerated game mode
Holding Shift  Toggle between accelerated and normal game mode while pressed (temporary!)
Ctrl+j  Show scenario objectives
s  Show statistics
Alt+s  Show status table
Alt+u  Show unit list
l  Move to leader unit
Shift+s  Update shroud now
Ctrl+r  Recruit unit
Ctrl+Alt+r  Repeat last recruit
Alt+r  Recall unit
Ctrl+n  Rename unit
d  Show the description of the currently selected unit
t  Continue interrupted unit move
u  Undo last move (only deterministic moves can be undone)
r  Redo move
n  Cycle through units that have movement left
Shift+n  Cycle through units that have movement left, in reverse order
Ctrl+v  Show enemy moves (where the enemy can move next turn)
Ctrl+b  Show potential enemy moves, if your units were not on the map
1-7  Show how far currently selected unit can move in that many turns
Space  End unit turn and cycle to next unit that has movement left
Shift+Space  Make currently selected unit hold position (end its movement)
Ctrl+Space  End this player’s turn



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