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BATTLECREW Space Pirates Achievements

10 July 2017, Monday, 22:20:18



Welcome to Tortuga
Complete any tutorial


First victory
Win a game in Gold Rush


Away boarders!!!
Win a game in Team Deathmatch


Bloody pirate
Kill 11 enemies in a single game


Forging a legend
Win 11 games


Beginner Buccaneer
Kill more than 100 enemies


Treasure fleet
Save more than 200 coins in a single game


Treasure hunter
Drop more than 5,000 gold coins in your vault


Pirate on fire


Buccaneer of the day
Complete every quest of the day


Black Beard
Unlock a dark skin


King of pirates


Golden Beard
Unlock a gold skin


No quarter!
Kill more than 2,500 enemies


Master treasure hunter
Drop more than 25,000 gold coins in your vault


Best buddy
Score 11 kill assists in a single game


Master of the seven seas
Win 250 games


Complete wardrobe
Unlock every gold and dark skins


All-around pirate
All your heroes must score a 10 or less on their Skill Level


Look at my crew!
Create a crew of 4 players


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