Battlefield 1: Faster Ranking in Multiplayer Mode Guide



Faster ranking in Multiplayer mode
To get approximately 500 to 600 score per minute, do the following:


-Always play in a squad. Try to play in a squad where all teammates communicate with each other.


-Play Quickmatch Domination. You get points much quicker in this mode than other modes.


-Make sure your team focuses on the objective.


-Have your squad leader issue useful attack commands that get your team points. For example, you normally get 200 points for capturing a base in Domination. However, if your squad leader marks the base, you get an additional 100 points for following his orders. You will also get an “Order Followed” bonus worth up to 80 extra points. Additionally, the squad can separate into two separate groups. The squad leader can then issue commands to attack two separate bases at different times, alternating between bases. If successful, you will get an extra 100 points even though you never captured the other base. You can get a possible 480 points in ten seconds by using this method.


-The squad leader must always pay attention to all bases. If a base is about to be captured, the squad leader needs to make sure to change the attack orders so everyone on the team gets at least 100 points, even if they are not at that base. Even if you are dead and none of your teammates are at the base being captured, you will still get 100 points for it being captured if the squad leader has attack orders on it.


-Make sure your squad always sticks together and the squad composition has variety. It is recommended to have at least two medics and two support players. Since there are no vehicles in Quickmatch Domination, assault units are not too useful. Since you are running around a lot and trying to capture bases, the sniper class is also not very useful.


-If your squad always sticks together, you will get extra points since you will be spawning on each other, spotting enemies, and suppressing enemies with gunfire. You will also receive signifiant points for healing your teammates and resupplying them with ammo.


-Play the objective and focus on only killing enemies that stand in your way of capturing a base or getting to the next base to capture.


-The best situation that can occur is circling the map while following the enemy, capturing points that they just captured.

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