Battlefield 1 Gadgets, Vehicle Packages, and Elite Classes



Gadgets, Vehicle Packages, and Elite Classes

Gas Mask

Gas Mask use the gas mask to protect yourself from harmful gas, but be careful: wearing the mask not only compromises your field of vision, but also restricts you to shooting from the hip.


Repair Tool

The repair Tool is essential for keeping vehicles battle-ready. The more damage a vehicle has taken, the longer you’ll need to make the necessary repairs. In Multiplayer, the support, Pilot, and Tanker classes carry the repair Tool by default.


Cavalry Sword

Usable on foot or on horseback, the Cavalry sword is critical to dispatching enemies without causing a commotion.



Bayonet your primary weapon can be equipped with a Bayonet, which can be used to perform a lethal charge while sprinting.


Elite Classes

New to Battlefield 1 are Elite Classes, which can be found at various places across the map, and act as single-use pickups that provide you with a new loadout, custom gear, and an alternate uniform. The Elite Class upgrade cannot be configured via the Customize screen, and only lasts until you’re killed or the match ends.



More Gadgets

Bandage Pouch – Regenerates health for a single soldier.

Medical Syringe – Revives teammates.

Medical Crate – Regenerates health to nearby teammates.

Ammo Pouch – Replenishes ammo for a single soldier.

Mortar – Provides various types of artillery support.

Tripwire – Used to trigger various types of anti-personnel mines.

Anti-Tank Grenade – Powerful anti-vehicle grenade.

Limpet Charge – Mine that can stick to vehicles and will explode shortly after being deployed.

AT Rocket Gun – A deployable, stationary gun that fires armor-piercing shells.

Rifle Grenade – Launches various types of grenades for range.

K Bullets – Armor-piercing bullets that can damage vehicles.

Flare Gun – Spot – Spots enemy soldiers and deployed gadgets in a circular radius.

Flare Gun – Flash – Blinds enemy soldiers.

Trench Periscope – Spot enemy soldiers from long range on your teammates’ behalf.

Sniper Decoy – Players who shoot decoys will be spotted by the opposing team.

Sniper Shield – Deploy a shield for extra cover.


Vehicle Packages

Each vehicle Package features a unique equipment loadout and visual design. Choose the vehicle Package that best fits your play style.

Tank hunter landship – Instant repair; deploy Gas Cloud

Mortar landship – Fire smoke barrage; fire Gas barrage

Squad support landship – Track repair; drop supplies

Heavy flamethrower Tank – Track repair; deploy Gas Cloud

Heavy breakthrough Tank – Emergency repair; drop supplies

Heavy assault Tank – Track repair; deploy smoke Cloud

Light flanker Tank – Track repair; deploy anti-Tank mine

Light howitzer Tank – Emergency repair; deploy smoke Cloud

Light Close support Tank – Track repair; drop supplies

Armored anti-aircraft Truck – Emergency repair; deploy smoke Cloud

Armored artillery Truck – Emergency repair; deploy anti-Tank mine

Armored mortar Truck – Fire smoke barrage; fire Gas barrage

Firestorm bomber – Wing Repair

Barrage Bomber – Spotting Camera

Torpedo Bomber – Wing Repair

Tank hunter attack Plane – Wing Repair

Ground support attack Plane – Deploy Flares

Airship buster attack Plane – Deploy Speed Boost

Trench Fighter – Deploy Flares

Dogfighter – Emergency repair

Bomber – Deploy speed boost


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