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Battlefield 1 – Red and Yellow Symbols and Their Meanings Guide

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Server Performance – The effectiveness of a server, including throughput, individual response time, and availability – if you have that symbol that means the server you’re playing on is crapping itself, and everyone playing on the server should lag and see the same symbol



Packet Loss – is the failure of one or more transmitted data (like your in-game location, your shots, your current ammunition count, the animation you’re doing right now) to arrive at their destination (the server) to be “distributed” to all the players – if you have that symbol check your internet connection because you will lag pretty badly



High Latency – is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point (your pc) to another (the server) – if you have that symbol it means your internet connection is crapping itself depending on how high the ping is (usually anything above 100-150 is bad for battlefield)



Latency Variation – if your pc and the server have a too big ping difference this symbol shows up, mostly comes along with the High Latency symbol



Low FPS – something wrong with your game, can be fixed in most cases with updating to latest drivers on bf1 unless you have a bad pc



Refresh rate – the number of frames per second your monitor can display (60hz, etc.) – no clue what it means on the battlefield as I never saw it.


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