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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II – Advanced Tips & Tricks

23 January 2019, Wednesday, 9:14:15


Advanced Tips & Tricks

– Execute an insubordinate captain to prevent his ship from disengaging.


– Low hull and ship losses may trigger insubordination.


– Speed and movements are vital for an Eldar fleet.


– Ork ships are really weak from afar. The closer they get, the better.


– Some skills work well in synergy. Try to use Taunt and Supercharged Void Shields!


– Critical damage cripple ships by disabling essential parts.


– Critical damage may trigger fires, which cause huge hull damage over time.


– Emergency repairs not only regenerate hull points, they also put out fires.


– Ramming lighter ships is a proven and efficient tactic.


– Bomber squads and Torpedoes bypass shields, which make them useful against ships with strong shields.


– Environmental elements can be used to gain the edge over enemies.


– Every 100 hull points lost, a ship loses a defence turret, weakening it even more.


– Some missions are easier with specific deployments. Try to split up your transport ships to increase their survival.


– Bombs are dangerous, but visible and easily avoidable if you use manoeuvres to escape their range of action.


– Set your ship’s automatic behaviour to make better use of its weapons and capacities.


– Micro-managing your fleet’s moves and targeting to react to the enemy greatly improves its efficiency.


– Emergency repairs not only regenerate hull points, they also put out fires.


– Ships don’t have weapons in the back, so be careful not to get surrounded.


– Using special manoeuvres reveals your ship… Use it to lure enemy into a trap!


– If you upgrade your weapon systems, don’t forget to set the fighting behaviour accordingly to get the best out of your ships.


– Using the behaviour panel, you can decide which side to show the enemy. If your weapons are disabled starboard, show them your port weaponry.


– Imperium ships are designed to face heavy enemy fire right before unleashing their side weaponry. As such, their frontal armour is thicker.


– Orks’…peculiar ship designs tend to leave thinner armour at the rear.


– If your weaponry is stronger in the front, or you’ve lost your Broadside weaponry, configure the ship’s behaviour to favour front-facing combat.


– Clicking on an enemy ship allows you to select the subsystem to focus fire on. Focusing fire on a subsystem increases the chances of critical damage.


– Ramming, All Ahead Full and Brace for Impact are a deadly combo.


– As they lack shields and are more prone to critical damage, Eldar are weak to Lightning strikes.


– Ork torpedoes might not be what they seem: they also use them as boarding devices!


– Micro warp jumps work with augur probes and recon beacons.


– Although tricky, it is possible to intercept enemy fire in order to protect valuable ships.


– Escort ships tactical value shouldn’t be overlooked, even in high level games.


– Eldar are immune to solar flares, making them deadlier when this event takes place.


– Boarding successes cancel warp jumps and often condemn ships to destruction.


– There’s always room for improvements! Most capacities are skillshots: Easy to use, hard to master!


– Enemy ordnances, such as torpedoes, bombers and boats can be stopped by fighter squadrons.


– Bombs work well together. Initiate with a Phase bomb, suppress shields with a Disruption Bomb, and wreak havoc with the Plasma Bomb.


– A blind enemy is an easy prey. Trying to combine the Running Silent order with the augur disruptor.


– Do not underestimate your crew’s Navigator. He might not be useful in combat, but being able to retreat without penalties is a precious advantage.


– Eldar rely on engines but are vulnerable to critical damage. To compensate, they have three different engines, each assuming a third of its power.


– Be keen against Orks. Unlike others, they do not have different ship models of each classes, but they are all customisable and different.


– Chaos favours are visible on theirs ships. Use them to guess the ships roles and counter them efficiently.


– The Saviour pod upgrade is best used on ships with dangerous but vital roles.


– Boarding successes cancel warp jumps and often condemn ships to destruction.


– Sometimes, it’s better to let the enemy flee to focus quicker on another target. Destruction is a means, not an end.


– A ship without weapons isn’t totally useless. It can retreat to avoid destruction, but you can also use it as a shield… Or as a Ram.


– Squadrons are weak on defence turrets. Therefore, prefer isolated targets with a clear access path rather than ships packed together.


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