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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II – Tips & Tricks for Beginners

23 January 2019, Wednesday, 9:06:08

Tips & Tricks for Beginners

– Even if you lose a battle, you’ll earn some renown and admiral experience.


– Assassination targets are always admiral ships.


– Data to be secured always originates from an admiral ship.


– Lances, Pulsars and Zzap always hit and ignore most of the armour.


– Losing a ship is expensive. Don’t hesitate to disengage through a Warp Jump.


– Repairs of destroyed and heavily damaged ships can be hastened using renown.


– A ship lost in the warp isn’t available for a given duration.


– Imperium and Chaos fleets are perfect for beginners.


– Level up your admiral to unlock more powerful ships for your fleet.


– Leveling up your captains unlocks more upgrade slots for his ship.


– Every ship has defence turrets that have a chance to destroy enemy torpedoes, attack craft and assault boats.


– Don’t hesitate to specialise your ships in precise roles via skills and upgrades.


– Special Orders are strong, temporary buffs to fit various situations.


– “Recharge!” is a Special Order that reduces cooldowns and replenishes the combustion gauge.


– “Lock On!” is a Special Order that enhances both precision and critical chances.


– “Brace for Impact” impairs enemy precision and hardens the ship’s armour.


– “Running Silent” conceals your ship’s presence to long range scanners for sneak attacks.


– Imperium and Chaos fleets are perfect for beginners.


– Escort Ships’ speed and low cost makes them fit for recon duty or for softening the enemy for Line Ships.


– Escort ships are clean losses: you can always take some in your fleets and they don’t need repairs.


– The behaviour panel has an auto-targeting system you can set up. Use it if micro managing your fleet is too difficult.


– A Right-Click on a skill sets it on Auto Launch. It will be used automatically under specific conditions.


– In single player, press [SpaceBar] to slow down the game. It’ll give you time to think, plan and order your ships.


– Click on an enemy ship to set its priority value. Priority 1 will be targeted first, priority 4 will be left for last.


– Access the more detailed version of certain tooltips and in-game infos by pressing ALT.


– ALT can be used ingame to see the sizes and effects of Gas and Asteroid fields.


– Armour gives you a chance to cancel damage by blocking hits.


– Use [SpaceBar] to slow down time in order to manage your fleet more efficiently.own time in order to manage your fleet more efficiently.



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