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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – PC Keyboard Shortcuts

23 January 2019, Wednesday, 8:52:12

PC Keyboard Shortcuts


Camera Forward: W

Camera Backward: S

Camera to the Left: A

Camera to the Right: D

Hold to move the camera freely: Middle Mouse Button

Switch between ships in a multi-selection: Tab

Slow Motion/Tactical Cogitator: Space Bar

Hide GUI: F10

Setting the control group bound to (#): Ctrl + (#)





All Ahead Full: Q

High Energy Turn: E

Burn Retros (Full Stop): Z

Auto Engagement: F1

Switching the Engagement position setting: F2

Distance of engagement 3k: F3

Distance of engagement 6k: F4

Distance of engagement 9k: F5

Distance of engagement 12k: F6

Closest side to engage in broadside: F7

Left side to engage in broadside: F8

Right side to engage in broadside: F9

Hold Fire: X

Focus on target while moving: C

Cancel current order: V

Contextual action: R





Reload! special order: T

Lock On! special order: Y

Brace for Impact! special order: U

‘Running Silent!’ special order: I

Favour Skill: O

Boarding: G

Lightning Strike: H

Special Weapon #1: J

Special Weapon #2: K

Emergency Repairs: L

Installed Technical Skill #1: L

Installed Technical Skill #1: B

Installed Technical Skill #1: N

Installed Technical Skill #1: M

Bombers: P

Assault Boats: [

Fighters: ]

Warp Jump of faction equivalent: Num.



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