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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – Build Ships

2 September 2017, Saturday, 16:40:32


Build Ships

As the Operational Commander of the Daidalos mobile shipyard, you have the primary ship production force of Colonial Fleet at your disposal. All ships built will be deployed at the same location as Daidalos. Access Build Ships via its button in the Control Panel.

The Build Ships screen is split into four sections.


The available ship list on the left displays all of the ship types you have available to build. This includes the fleet point cost, default slot equipment, DRADIS icon and number of turns required to build.


The unit Info section in the centre gives a detailed outline of the currently selected unit type. This includes statistics about movement and size, a unit description, and a breakdown of positional armor values.


Below the Unit Info panel is the purchase panel. This includes two buttons: build, which will build the unit over a number of turns, or rush, which will build the unit instantly.


The daidalos build Queue sits on the right. When a unit is being built, the ship will be listed in the queue. Units in the build queue can be rushed at any time. Additionally, new units can be renamed or cancelled prior to being completed; simply click on the unit in the build queue, and then click on the appropriate buttons in the Unit Info or Purchase Panel sections.


When a unit has finished building, it will spawn as its own fleet at the same location as the Daidalos.


The done button will take you back out to the War Room Strategy Table.

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