Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – Glossary



Articles of Colonization – A collection of documents that instituted the basis of the federal government, known as the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Formalised and signed as a response to the increased aggression of the Cylon rebellion.


Basestar – A Cylon command ship.


Cylon – Cybernetic Lifeform Node; an intelligent robot. Originally created as a military device by Graystone Industries, the Cylon technology was quickly integrated into all facets of Colonial life. Many theories exist as to the root cause of Cylon sentience, and subsequent rebellion, but to date no definitive rationale have been proven.


Cyrannus – A quaternary star system, and the home of the Twelve Colonies. Consists of two sets of binary systems that orbit a shared barycenter.


DRADIS – Direction RAnge DIStance; an electronic suite of sensory, navigation and tracking systems used by interstellar craft.


Frak – A common and useful expletive.


IDRIS – A networked relay of satellites which provides data, calculations, and monitors the positions and movements of celestial bodies. Used by many DRADIS and navigation systems for FTL jump calculations.


IFF – Identification Friend or Foe; a transponder system of DRADIS that aids in the identification of friendly and hostile units.


Quorum of twelve – The legislative body that works alongside the executive branch of federal government. Each colony is entitled to one representative in the assembly.


Ragnar – A gas giant that orbits the Helios Delta/Gamma binary system. The atmosphere is beset by violent storms, which appears to be enough of a deterrent to prevent Cylon intrusion.


Raider – The standard fighter craft of Cylon forces.


Red line – The maximum distance that a navigation computer can calculate an accurate and safe FTL jump.


Toaster – A pejorative for Cylon.


Tylium – A rare mineral, whose mined ore is refined for the purposes of fuel for spacecraft propulsion. Often traded as a commodity between the colonies.


Viper – The primary space superiority fighter craft of Colonial forces.

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