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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – Move and Manage Fleets

2 September 2017, Saturday, 16:54:35


Move and Manage Fleets

Managing your forces and movements is done via the fleets tab of the Strategy Index. This tab will list all of your fleets. Clicking on a fleet will open the ship list, from which you can manage your fleet and rename individual ships.



Jumping Fleets

Fleets use FTL jumps to travel from location to location on the war table. Use the Jump Command from the Ship List to move a fleet. When the Jump button is clicked, you can select the intended destination either by selecting it from the Strategy Index, or clicking on it directly on the table.



Transferring Units

Moving units between fleets is done via the Ship List. Selecting a unit will display the transfer and detach buttons.


If the selected fleet shares a common location with another Colonial Fleet, units can be transferred directly between each other.


If no other Colonial Fleets share the same location, however, units can be individual detached from the fleet. Detached units will be instantly assigned to their own fleet.



Fleet Point Caps

A brand new fleet cannot have units worth more than 2000 Fleet Points. This cap can be increased by Officers with the Command skill.

Additionally, fleets cannot hold more than seven units, regardless of Fleet Point value.



Daidalos Shipyards

Daidalos Shipyards does not count towards the seven unit cap, and does not add Fleet Points to the total value. However, if the Daidalos is lost in any battle, the battle will result in a failure and you will be required to reload your last saved game.


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