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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – Officers

2 September 2017, Saturday, 17:07:48



Colonial Fleet Officers can be attached to fleets to provide additional bonuses, and increase the size of the fleet. Additionally, only fleets with an officer attached can undertake campaign Story Missions and Resource Missions.


Officers are recruited from the officers screen, accessible via the Control Panel. On the left of the screen is the officer list. The Active Tab displays all officers that have already been recruited; the Recruit Tab displays the list of hopeful recruits that you can choose from.


In either tab, selecting an officer will display their action buttons:

Recruit adds the officer to your Active Tab list,

Assign places an officer in one of your fleets,

Promote increases the abilities of an officer,

Unassign removes an officer from a fleet, and

Dismiss removes the officer from your Active Tab list.



When an officer is assigned to a fleet, their face will appear next to that fleet’s name in the Strategy Index. The officer will always serve on the flagship of their fleet. Note that if the flagship is destroyed in battle, the officer will be killed!


When an officer is selected, their information panel on the right gives a detailed outline of their capabilities. The Experience panel shows how much XP they currently have, and how much is required for their next promotion. The Command panel shows the total Fleet Points of units are currently assigned to their fleet, and their maximum. The Skills list shows the skills the officer has already unlocked.


An officer can be promoted when they have enough experience for their next rank. Additionally, you can spend Requisition Points to make up the experience shortfall.


When you have confirmed that you want to promote an officer, you will get to select their new skill from the skills panel in the centre of the screen. The Skills panel is divided into three columns: Command skills, which increases the Fleet Point value of the officer’s fleet; fleet skills, which increase the strength of their specialist subsystem for all units in their fleet; and Captain skills, which are unique bonuses applied only to the officer’s flagship. Once a new skill has been selected, it will be added to the officer’s skill list in their information panel.


The done button will take you back out to the War Room Strategy Table.

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