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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – War Room Strategy Table

2 September 2017, Saturday, 21:44:03


War Room Strategy Table

The War Room strategy table depicts the four Helios star systems of Cyrannus, the home of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. From this table you will command Colonial Fleet, moving your forces, fortifying colonies, and meeting the Cylon aggression head-on.


You can adjust your view of the table by holding the right mouse button to look around, and WASD to pan the camera.




To the bottom left of the screen is the strategy Index. This index is used for navigating the entities on the map; Colonial fleets, roaming Cylon fleets, mission markers and map locations. Many of these entities can also be interrogated by clicking them directly on the strategy table.


In the centre bottom of the screen is the Control panel. From here you can review the Activity Feed, your tylium and Requisition Points totals, and access the four main strategy menus: Build Ships, Officers, Economy and Blueprints.


The end turn button is located in the bottom right. When you end your turn, all of your FTL jump commands will resolve. If at the end of the turn any of your fleets share a space with a mission marker, or an enemy fleet, the upcoming battle will be added to the battle Queue, from which you will typically proceed to battle.


Battles with roaming Cylon fleets present additional options in the Battle Queue. The auto-resolve panel shows the relative strength of your fleet and the Cylon fleet, and gives the option to proceed, emergency Jump and auto-resolve. Proceed will continue through to the FTL Insertion phase of the battle. Emergency Jump will instantly move your fleet to a random location to avoid the battle, but costs significantly more tylium than a standard jump. Auto-Resolve will automatically fight the battle for you, as per the statistics shown in the Auto-Resolve panel.


Along the top of the screen is the Colony flag row. Each flag along this row represents one of the Twelve Colonies. The indicator beneath each flag represents the colony’s Quorum status. When a colony has left the Quorum of Twelve alliance, its flag will roll up and the Quorum indicator will turn grey.

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