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BATTLETECH – Accuracy Modifiers

4 May 2018, Friday, 11:42:17

Accuracy Modifiers

The game determines the chance to hit by the formula: BaseAcc + GunnerySkill*0.025 + AccModifierScore*0.05.


This modifier score is determined by many things, You can check the modifiers by placing your mouse over the weapons list on the bottom right with a target selected. The following is a non-comprehensive list of common modifiers.


-Elevation (+1 for shooting target lower, -1 for higher)
-Arm-mounted (+1 for weapons mounted on the arm)
-Evasion (-1 for each charge the target has)
-Indirect fire (-3 when no Line-of-Sight (LoS) is available)
-Sensors disrupted (-1 When attacker has been previously hit by a PPC)
-Targeting Enhanced (+X When a compatible TTS is mounted on the attacker.)
-Long Range


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