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28 April 2018, Saturday, 10:52:25


Cavalry are well rounded mechs that specialize in their jumping capabilities and high speeds. Mounting modest amounts of armor and firepower, they are also able to engage from most ranges to some degree. Due to this fact, these mechs typically exploit the battlefield to a higher degree than other chassis in the game.




Good amount of speed
Jump Capable
Can easily flank targets



Lack staying power
Can’t hold up in combat when in a range that a target favors




Cavalry mechs are highly mobile units capable of exploting weaknesses in the enemy formation. As a battle begins, these mechs should attempt to move to the left and right most flanks of the opposition, while more heavily armored mechs push up from the center. This will force the opfor to choose a direction in order to engage a target, and leave at least one mech capable of firing at the rear arc of the enemy.

In more isolated cases, if facing brawlers or strikers, Cavalry distance themselves and pepper the target from afar. If facing artillary or fire support, they quickly close in and get under their firing arcs. In essence they modify their strategy as the battle develops. Seeking advantageous terrain is also extremely important with Cavalry mechs, as their high mobility allows them to both flank a target and position themselves for protection.

While flexible however, these mechs will usually run hot due to excessive use of jump jets. Their lack of armor and fire power when compared to other dedicated units also makes them wilt when in combat for too long. It is thus advisable to use Cavalry to dispatch of enemies as quickly as possible, or to fall back if this cannot be made to happen.



Common Cavalry Mechs:

Griffin – Commonly mounting long range weapons, Griffins are highly mobile units that can cleave holes in targets flanks and crit seek when provided the opportunity. They can dance around most targets with ease, but run hot if in combat for too long.

Wolverine – A tougher unit, capable of fighting at most ranges effectively. A good loadout, and if left to its own devices can wreck havoc when closing in.

Shadow Hawk – A mix between the Griffins long range potential, and Wolverines in fighting power. The Shadow Hawk has a diverse load out that allows it to handle nearly any situation. It is also very heat efficient, and can take a beating when necessary. Suffers the jack of all trades trait the most of the Cavalry mechs however, in that it is average at every role.

Quickdraw – A light end heavy mech, the Quickdraw lives up to its name. It has decent enough alpha strike potential when maintaining medium range, but lacks armor and heat sinking efficiency to last long in combat.


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