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BATTLETECH – Ejecting and Withdrawing

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Ejecting and Withdrawing

Ejecting destroys the head of the mech and whisks the pilot away to safety. Repairing a head of a damaged mech is cheap and fast. An ejected mech is treated as a destroyed mech that will no longer take damage for the rest of the game. Ejecting is done by pressing the bright red button at the bottom left of the screen.


Ejecting is VERY useful. If you have a mech in a bad position and are doomed to die very soon, eject. The pilot will survive, and preventing further damage to the mech will save repair time and money. Ahead will cost at most 30k C-Bills to repair, and a couple of days, a CT, and whatever STs may get destroyed will cost hundreds of thousands to repair and weeks of repair time. Not to mention you lose any equipment and weapons on destroyed components.


Withdrawing is done by pressing the button on the top right of the screen. Withdrawing ends the mission, and the payment for the contract will be docked inversely proportional to the number of objects you’ve completed. Completing an objective halfway is still paid, just less. Withdraw if you have to.


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