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BATTLETECH – Fire Support / Sniper

28 April 2018, Saturday, 11:00:46

Fire Support / Sniper

Fire support mechs and snipers typically throw most of their tonnage into long range weaponary, allowing them to decimate targets from afar. Their speed, amount of armor, and backup weaponary often vary.




Excellent firepower, allowing them to shred any target from outside of sight range

Typically mounts a suite of weapons, allowing multiple targets to be engaged





Needs a spotter to be made use of effectively and safely

Often suffers against targets that can get in close

Typically little armor, but varies




During the initial setup of a battle, these types of mechs should attempt to find a position to anchor themselves to. This could be on a ridge, or behind some form of cover. The main point however, is to stay distanced enough from the enemy that they cannot get eyes on, without making significant advances towards your location. These mechs excel at long range, so your lack of armor does not matter as much if the enemy cannot even fire at you.


Once the battle begins and scouts locate targets, the fire support mech will focus on a particular target deemed the most critical to destroy, or barring that one that is exposed and fragile. If an enemy appears to be trying to close with you, keep back pedaling or moving far enough away so that they can not readily spot you. If your mech becomes sensor locked, immediatly sprint to safety, or brace. Again, lack of armor if a significant concern for fire support units. Do not try to out trade an enemy unless your mech specializes in such tactics, such as an Awesome.



Common fire support mech examples:

Panther – For a light mech, the Panther mounts a good amount of armor and firepower. It’s PPC can punch holes in most targets, and its SRM-4 provides a solid backup against anything that gets close. It’s incredibly slow for a light mech however, so positioning is key.


Trebuchet – A pair of LRM-15 launchers makes the Trebuchet a credible threat against even assault mechs due to both damage and stability. An array of three medium lasers also allows it to take on light mechs that get in close. Its armor is severely lacking however.


Catapult – Arguably the most well rounded fire support mech, the Catapult is fairly mobile in regards to its engine size and jump jets. Its well armored, and mounts an excellent amount of firepower for backup in case anything gets in close.


Jagermech – Mounting four autocannons, the Jagermech is a nightmare for targets on the battlefield. It has unprecedented reach, and thus when used effectively, will never even be seen by the opfor. Its armoring is atrocious however, so anything that can get in close will devastate it.


Awesome – Typically mounting three PPCs, Awesomes are capable of drilling multiple holes into targets at once. Its extremely well armored and heat efficient, and while it lacks backup weaponary, it can use its fists to good effect in tearing targets apart.



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