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BATTLETECH – Lance Composition & Different Builds

1 May 2018, Tuesday, 10:40:29

Lance Composition & Different Builds

Your lance is made up of four members. It is possible to have every member of the lance in exactly the same build of ‘Mech and cover for each other in a 100% generic and flexible format – but each ‘Mech would need to cover multiple ranges and capabilities – perhaps without ever excelling.


It is also, equally, valid to have each ‘Mech being completely focused on a specific role with no overlap. This might maximise performance in individual areas, but can be more fragile – if one of the ‘Mechs is disabled or destroyed – can the others do without that role – or make do?



The choice is yours. What we are talking about is Lance Composition – how the ‘Mechs and pilots work together – what the strategy is, how you move them on the map, and the kinds of decisions you can make to optimise their effectiveness as a unit. There are different approaches here. Some are more cautious – some more aggressive – some are better for different maps and environments – some take enemies down over time leaving little scrap – some are surgical in taking out enemies – some are more fun to play. Experiment.



General purpose: 4 x Whatever

This lance has probably not been planned. Each ‘Mech is built according to what suits the chassis available and/or the whims of the Commander. Individual ‘Mechs have no defined purpose having both long and short range capabilities, some with and some without jump jets, some better protected standing still, some better protected moving about. They move in a clump and engage as they can.



Balanced: 1 x Scout/Flanker/Recon, 2 x Skirmisher, 1 Lancer

This lance has been planned to offer a balance between specific roles and flexibility to accommodate other goals and deal with loss during an operation. The scout/flanker/recon provides visibility and mobility, the lancer anchors the formation taking high ground and projecting firepower from there – the other two members can be more general in design, but should close in on the highest threat and, supported by the other two, take the threats down, one at a time, in order of threat.



Forward Observer: 1 x Scout/Flanker/Recon, 3 x Lancer

This lance is a conservative composition designed to maximise long range firepower and keep out of range of enemy retaliation. The scout/flanker/recon roams forward, staying out of LoS, in cover, guarded and/or otherwise protected as best as possible. It uses Sensor Lock on a target or tries to get LoS and a shot at just one enemy. Meanwhile his lance-mates, probably parked at maximum range on high ground, wait with massed LRMs and AC2s to pummel the nominated targets into the ground using sheer volume of fire. Alternatively, the tanks might have sniping weapons and use precision shots to de-fang the enemy before defeating them.



Artillery: 4 x Lancer

Why use a fragile light ‘Mech to get sensor lock and lose 25% of your potential lance firepower when you just need one ‘Mech with line or sight to hit them with missiles from everywhere. This lance advances together and simply bombards the first target in range into a pulp. Advance slowly, stay at range, rinse and repeat.



Rat pack: 4 x Flanker/Recon

This composition is a highly mobile (and potentially fragile) build of fast-moving and jump jet ‘Mechs that flank the enemy, pick out targets that are on the edge of enemy formations and take them out, then retreat before picking their next target. Imagine four Kintaros, each with triple SRM6 launchers, all attacking one target – or four Centurions with AC20s.



All-Brawl: 4 x Brawlers

Probably a derivation of the rat pack, this composition is not serious, but might be a fun challenge. Is it possible to go through a campaign only using melee attacks and support weapons? You may have to avoid missions involving lots of turrets – or make some kind of exception for taking out turrets.



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