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BATTLETECH – Skill Progression and Stat Distribution

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Skill Progression and Stat Distribution

Skill Progression

-Prioritize to get all of your Major Skills (Some of below might be a prerequisite)
-Rank 6 Tactics = Called Shot Bonus
-Rank 4 Guts = +1 HP (total of 4)
-Rank 9 Tactics = Called Shot Mastery
-Rank 5 Piloting = +1 Evasion Charges (total of 5)
-Rank 7 Piloting = +20% Sprint Distance
-Rank 5 Guts = +15 Overheat Threshold
-Rank 10 Piloting = +2 Evasion Charges (total of 6)
-Rank 9 Guts = + 30 Overheat Threshold (total of +30)
-Rank 10 Guts = +3 Health (total of 6)
-Dump to Gunnery = +Hit Chance * 2.5% per level
-(If LRM Boat Pilot) Rank 10 Tactics = Indirect Fire Difficulty -3


After getting your skills, the biggest priority for stats from high to low is

Tactics > Piloting > Guts > Gunnery



Tactics gives a significant bonus for Called Shots at rank 4 and 9. A Called Shot to the Center Torso from the front arc will have a 54%(rank 6) or 90%(rank 9) chance of hitting the Center Torso from the base 28%. At late game, Knockdowns and Precision Shots will be used frequently with almost each enemy mech will at least be knocked down at least once. The ability to use Precision Shot to 1 salvo a Heavy Mech is a force to be reckoned with, and it ensures that Knockdowns will most certainly be a kill. If your Precision Shot manage to 1 salvo an enemy, the kill will refund about 75% of the morale used.


Piloting gives a significant amount of sprint distance, stability damage threshold and evasion bonuses which allow you to move your mechs with a less risks. Even sprinting or jumping with an assault at max piloting will net 5-6 evasion charges, ensuring that you will be able to close the distance without suffering too much from LRM fire.


Guts gives more leeway for mistakes and unlucky injuries. The overheat threshold bonus helps if you have problems with heat management.


Gunnery only gives a multiplicative 2.5% bonus to BASE hit chance, not additive flat hit chance. While at max level, 25% bonus to base chance is nothing to scoff at, the exponential cost of high level stats makes it a poorer investment than other stats. At most you’ll only need 4-5 Gunnery. Consider it a dump stat, the last one to max.


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