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28 April 2018, Saturday, 10:39:37


Strikers are typically fast moving mechs that favor high alpha strike load outs and hit and run tactics. To this end, they toss practically everything but the kitchen sink out in favor of more damage.



  • High alpha strike damage
  • Punch far above their weight
  • Above average mobility




  • Typically glass cannons
  • Mounts primarily close range weaponary, requiring precise timing to use
  • Usually heat inefficient




Strikers are ambushers by nature. They favor letting other allies move first, and taking the brunt of enemy aggression. At the end of the turn, these mechs will then pop out of cover, alpha strike an enemy, and on their following turn retreat back into cover. Thus it is advisable to use light chassis for these roles, or a pilot with a high enough initiative that reserving can be made use of to avoid reprisal.

During the start of battle, you should reserve strikers till the last phase, and then move them behind cover towards the flanks of the enemy. These mechs are prime sensor lock targets due to there low armor, so keeping them reserved is important. If an enemy does turn their attention to the striker, you should attempt to sprint them out of range or brace immediately.

When you are finally able to make your move, you should aim to strike at an enemy’s rear armor. Typically you won’t have enough power to instantly kill them, but the damage will penetrate their armor and usually tear something up inside. If you are unable to get behind the target, try to get on one of their weakest sides, and exploit holes made by allies. Strikers usually mount SRMs, so crit seeking is your second objective here.

It is extremely important however, to retreat on your next turn. This should preferably be the moment after the current one turn ends. Strikers lack armor and run hot, so lengthy engagements can be extremely dangerous for them.



Common Striker Mechs:

Commando – Commandos are the quintessential striker mech, the poster child as it were. While they lack the mobility of scouts, Commandos hit significantly above their weight, and when used properly can terrorize even medium to heavy mechs.

Jenner – Essentially an upgraded commando, the Jenner does everything the Commando does but better. Higher mobility and jump jets make this mech a valuable addition when C-bills are not a concern.

FireStarter – A side grade when compared to the Jenner, the Fire Starter offers more armor, and a load out specializing in overheating + shutting down targets. While their ability to do armor damage is low, they can slowly liquadize the enemy chassis from within, and allow allies to make use of called shots.


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