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BATTLETECH – The Argo: Critical Mission

28 April 2018, Saturday, 14:07:44

The Argo: Critical Mission

Once you get your mechs set up and have a feel for the game, and your pilots are 4 ranks + 1 skill you should be ready for the Argo mission. The mission is actually fairly easy with this set up. You are going to want to come in from the right side of the map. Slowly move north east till you see those 2 turrets and take them down with your long range weapons. Get 3 ranks of evasion as you crest the hill, or round the corner and get your line of fire. You should be able to take down the turrets with taking no damage outside of maybe some LRM fire. The evasion will greatly reduce that damage.


By this time those vehicles should be making their way towards you. As long as your evasion is high they won’t do much damage and you can often rush the corners and stomp them with your mech in melee. This part of the mission should be fairly easy. Stay at range and be smart. Take your time.


The second part inside is where people have trouble, but again it’s not that hard with this set up. Take your blackjack, Shadow hawk and Panther and JJ up onto the wall. (The one that separates the radar tower area and the inside area) Keep your vindicator down low. Use the rocks for cover, and use JJ’s to move around keeping evasion up and using your PPC when you can. If something gets close you can use melee. Keep the sensor locks on them to keep the chevrons down, and rain down LRM and ac2 shots. Again use JJ’s if they are taking fire. If the lights get close, you might want to move your shadow hawk down and melee as well. The blackjack is also great for hitting from behind with the 4 Medium lasers.


Once the lights are down, you will battle a Shadow hawk and Quickdraw. Get back to the wall/high ground position with all your mechs. You should be able to take down the shadow hawk at range no problem as he is rounding the corner down bellow. You may take some fire but don’t worry as long as your chevrons are up. Keep raining down LRM’s and PPC shots. Use that vindicator and Panther to get behind and take shots of opportunity on rear armor. If all goes well you should be able to take them down with little damage to yourself.



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