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The MechLab

This is where half the battle is fought. The MechLab is where repairs and modifications are made to your mechs. Here are some things to note.

-MechTechs only do 1 job at a time, if you send too many jobs at a time, some of your mechs will be down for a while.

-Removing components is instant and will skip the queue.

-The speed of which jobs are done is based on your MechTech points. Get more by upgrading the Argo.

-Everything costs money. Replacing destroyed mech parts takes a lot of time and money. Avoid getting parts destroyed. Eject your mech from combat to prevent the destruction of parts.

-Stock loadouts are workable but not optimal. Change them slowly to something that suits you.

-Max armour in the CT and both ST. 80% armour on the arms and about 90 to 120 armour is good on the legs. You WILL be outnumbered and outgunned and you WILL need as much armour as you can get. You can have 20 to 30 armour in the rear though. Just make sure you remember this weakness during combat.


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