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BATTLETECH – Tips In the Battlefield

30 April 2018, Monday, 5:54:53

Tips In the Battlefield

1. Focus Fire on a single enemy mech.

2. If you will most certainly miss or are too far, don’t waste your turn with a single LRM5 attack, sprint or jump to get to a better position first.

3. If you’re at a good spot and have Bulwark. Don’t move then attack, just stay put.

4. Reserve will keep your defensive buffs from the previous turn, if you have 6 Evasion Charges or you braced last turn, it’s better to let your enemy move first.

5. Covers are your friends, always try to get to them then stay put. Cover + Bulwark will make your mech shrug off most attacks. Especially if you jumped to cover then braced.


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