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Battlezone: Combat Commander PC Cheat Codes


Cheat Codes

In-game cheats, to be typed in the console (usually accessed using Ctrl+` or Ctrl+~ depending on keyboard layout).




game.cheat bzbody: Invulnerability
game.cheat bztnt: Infinite ammunition
game.cheat bzfree: Infinite biometal
game.cheat bzradar: Perfect radar
game.cheat bzedit: Enables editor
game.cheat bzview: Enables satellite access on Shift+F10
ai.winmission: Instant mission victory
game.cheat bzwinner: Instant mission victory
game.cheat bzloser: Instant mission loss
game.cheat bzstealth: Moves the user to team 0
game.cheat bzunstealth: Moves the user back to their original team
game.cheat bzlockaip: Prevents the AI from switching between plan sets
game.cheat bzsetaip <filename>.aip <team#>: Forces the specified team to use the declared AIP



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