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Battlezone: Combat Commander PC Keyboard Controls

1 March 2018, Thursday, 22:08:19


Command Reference


WASD – Player Movement

E – Jump

T – Target

L – Lights

C – Deploy turret/Morph Scion ship/Use booster when on foot

H – Exit vehicle

Ctrl+B – Eject – this destroys your vehicle, so use it wisely

Space – Select a unit (or command a selected unit to act on an object) by aiming at it

RMB – Change weapon

LMB – Fire weapon

MMB – Special Weapon

N – Drop Nav Beacon

Del – Delete Nav Beacon

F1-F10 – Select units

0-9 – Issues commands to selected units

Shift – Hold to build multiple units

Ctrl – Hold to select individual units in a group or to combine groups

Tab – Cancel selection

O – Toggle objectives

R – Toggle radar and minimap

I – Show information of objects when aiming at them

F12 – Quick Save




Camera Controls

Shift+F1 – Normal cockpit view

Shift+F2 – External over-the-shoulder view

Shift+F3 – External third person view

Shift+F4 – Toggles cockpit overlay

Shift+F5 – Toggles HUD

Arrow Keys – Pitch and Yaw

+ and – – Zoom camera in or out

Insert – Zoom Reset



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