Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator Achievements




First Steep
Begin the Tutorial Level


Double Double Take
Receive an Acheivement


Why don’t you take a seat right over there?
Place 5 pieces of Furniture


Your Refrigerator is Running
Place 5 Appliances


Travel Mug
Save The Game


Clinically French Pressed
Research an Abominable Recipe


Breaking Brew
Research 10 Recipes


Thanks a Latte
Serve a Customer’s Favorite Order


On the Grind
Serve your 100th Customer


Cup and Coming
Complete the Tutorial level


Espresso Impressario
Host an Event


Espress Yourself
Place 5 Decorations


Whole Latte Love
Serve 50 Customers’ Favorite Orders


Grind Opening
Open your First Franchise


I am the fritter.
Research 25 Recipes


Sell An Abominable Recipe
Research 50 Abominable Recipes


Holy Sip!
Earn 100,000 in Any Level


Complete Three Franchises


Complete Two Franchises


Complete a Franchise


No more half-and-half measures.
Research 50 Recipes


Blow a Fuse and Make a Wish
Place 100 Appliances


Smells Like Bean Spirit
Host 10 Events


I am the pun who knocks.
Research 100 Recipes


Millions and Millions Served


Affogato ’bout that!
Close the Game Without Saving


Taming of the Brew
Complete the Campaign Mode


Coffeebottom Heiress
Complete Five Franchises


Recliners and Sofas and Chairs, oh my!
Place 100 Pieces of Furniture


Haute Caffeine
Place 100 Decorations


Can’t Stop Thinking about Coffee!
Play the game past 3am


Complete Four Franchises


GARBAGE DAY! … hahahhaa… hahahhaha. ha.
Allow 100 trash piles to accrue in any level.


Play the Game for 10 hours


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