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Beastmancer Cheats

13 April 2019, Saturday, 5:03:49


Cheat Codes

Church Basement Key

If you go to Bestiary and double click a monster icon, then type in the nickname textbox “gimme gimme KeyChurch” (case sensitive) it will give you the key.



Sends You Back to The World Map

Go to any monster screen (Bestiary -> double click in a monster icon) and in the nickname textbox type “LET ME OUT” and Enter.



All Crafting Recipes

BeastMancer Crafting Recipes. There are 18 total to get the achievement. Do NOT read any further, unless you’re ok with spoilers, or have done enough progression to not care or already know.


1.) Small Health Potion: In the Alchemist’s store, it’s a book on the pedestal behind him.


2.) Trap: At the “huntress” vendor in town. (called “simple trap recipe”).


3.) Bomb: Sold at the “conflux” store in town after you do a quest for her.


4.) Small Mana Potion: Given as a quest reward in the town either at the alchemist or conflux.


5.) Blue Binding Crystals: Given as a quest reward in town at the alchemist for turning in elemental water.


6.) Rock Breaker Explosive: Given as quest reward from Memnon for winning first duel.


7.) Green Binding Crystal: In the cave behind the blocked path on the little island with the pirate “cargo” as labeled by the map.


8.) Landmine: Sailor vendor in the hidden cove.


9.) Medium Mana Potion: Given as a quest reward in town at the alchemist for turning in elemental air or earth (not sure which it was, but you’ll get it naturally).


10.) Health Potion Big: In the “bug cavern” (sub section of Hidden Cove) on Titus’ dead body (he will only be in there dead after you go to the Palace a 2nd time to update the Prince on things.


11.) Mana Potion Big: In the basement of the Temple behind the Sealed area on a skeleton down a floor (in the room with the “Black Armor” which is the one of the 2 best ones)


12.) Rage Potion: In a chest towards the end past the road behind the petrified statue in “Lost Jungle” (which you get to through bug cavern’s seal).


13.) Elemental Bomb: In the volcanic cavern zone in a chest on a little area out of the way (has a high-end spellbook with it in the chest as well.


14.) Stoneskin Potion: Just southeast of the Catacombs near a rock pillar.


15.) Red Binding Crystal: Quest reward for completing the whole quest (all 4 elements).


16.) Frost Grenade: On the temple island (temple runes area) on a corpse that is laying next to a book.


17.) Blight Grenade: In the “Cave Stash” zone above the town and arena on your map (once unlocked).


18.) Small Mana Potion: Given early on in questing in town.




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