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Beholder 2 – Biometric Safe Locations Guide

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Biometric Safe Locations

Biometric safes are scattered throughout the ministry, and it’s your job to find them all. There are 23 biometric safes in total; 8 found on Floor 1, 8 on Floor 12, and the last seven on Floor 25. Information on your father (out of 21) is also found within these safes. They are also found when reading the emails of your floor bosses by hacking their terminal. The first information you should have is the letter found within the lost and found on your second day of the ministry.



Floor 1 Biometric Safe Locations 80 Heimdall Codes Acquirable

1. Within the room with the landscaper and three potted plants, inside the plant to the left of the room.


2. Inside the vending machine once it’s broken. After breaking it, examine it again to find it.


3. Found inside the food cart next to Serena Marwitz.


4. Found within the cart of papers between Emma Hazer’s desk and the work phone.


5. Given to you from Marco Legrand upon completing his three prank quests and asking for it OR stolen from his desk OR found within the Lost and Found if Marco Legrand is no longer in the ministry.


6. Found within Magda Rakovich’s desk. She will leave her desk once given the report file found within the carts of papers. The file will respawn in a random cart once per day.


7. Found within Ferguson’s safe, interactable when he’s not in the office.


8. Found within Ferguson’s desk, interactable when he’s not in the office.



Floor 12 Biometric Safe Locations 95 Heimdall Codes Acquirable

1. Inside of John Smith’s desk.


2. Inside of Gloria Melfi’s desk.


3. Inside of Hank Wright’s desk.


4. Found within the rack of files/books located before De Salvo’s office, to the right of the courier.


5. Inside De Salvo’s desk, interactable when he’s not in the office.


6. Inside the tray found within De Salvo’s basement, reachable by hacking his terminal and attempting to input his password as well as reading his emails. The dog’s name is learned from visiting the dog show at home.


7. Found within a metal container within De Salvo’s basement, to the left of the tray.


8. Found within the Lost and Found after some time in Floor 12.



Floor 25 Biometric Safe Locations 75 Heimdall Codes Acquirable

1. Found within Stephen Dawking’s desk.


2. Inside Horatio Newport’s desk.


3. Found within Maria Curie’s desk.


4. Inside the cart of papers, located where all the clones are.


5. Found within Issac Weinberg’s office, inside the table with blueprints, only interactable when he’s not in the office and will require 5 hours of in-game time.


6. Found within the stand in the middle of Issac Weinberg’s office, interactable when he’s not in the office.


7. Inside of Issac Weinberg’s desk, interactable when he’s not in the office.


Congratulations, you now have all the Heimdall codes!


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