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BELOW – Hidden Controls

10 January 2019, Thursday, 14:39:13

Hidden Controls

Attacks: RT/R2 executes a basic attack.


Holding LT/L2 will raise your shield.


If you attack whilst blocking you will perform a short range thrust attack.


If you tap LT/L2 you will do a shield bash. This will knock back and stun enemies briefly.


If you do a basic attack after a successful shield bash it will be followed by a long-range thrust attack.


Holding A (Xbox) or X (PS4) will make you sprint. Attacking with your sword during a sprint will do a vertical power-slice. This move can destroy tripwires, which may drop string.




Extra Controls: If you’re holding a torch you can tap LT/L2 to wave your torch in front of you. This can be used as an attack, but can also be used to burn away vines, and light baziers.


If you hold down on the D-Pad you will sit down. This hides the HUD.


If you tap down on the D-pad you will drop a crystal shard. These give off the same type of magic light as the lantern. Don’t forget to pick them back up later.


Up on the D-Pad will change your arrow type. Make sure you use the right arrow for the job.



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