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Bendy and the Ink Machine – Chapter 3 – Bacon Soup Locations

23 September 2017, Saturday, 16:24:02


Chapter 3 – Bacon Soup Locations

-Four in the saferoom (One in the locked bathroom stall*, one on the shelf in the room where Boris is, one on the barrel near the stove, one in the chest in the bedroom you start in) *In order to get the can in the locked bathroom stall, you will have to get the lever and open the door for the saferoom. After it asks if you are sure if you want to leave, double back to the bathroom and the bathroom stall will be unlocked.


-Four just outside of the saferoom (three in a pile in front of the ‘Tasty Eats’ containers, one wedged under a board in-between the two ‘Tasty Eats’ containers)


-Four in dark hallway (one on the shelf nestled in a corner where there is a lit candle, two on the floor on the right hand side just around the corner from the shelf with the nearby candle, one on the shelf next to the exposed machinery with the flickering light)


-Two on the desk to the right after you flip the switches for the door and go through said door.


-Two in Alice’s ‘lair’. One: Follow the plank bridge until you reach the other side. Instead of going straight through the doors, turn to the right and you’ll find the can beside the crate. Two: When you enter the room with Alice, turn to the left to find a can beside the crates.


-One on the shelf beside the elevator on Level P.


-One on the desk to the left in the room across from the autopsy room on Level P.


-Three in the back of the other glass wall room on Level P. Two are on the floor, and one is on top of the crate.


-Seven on a shelf with bowls in a stairway leading up from Level P.


-Four on the table by the miracle station in the stairway leading up from Level P.


-Two on Level 11, in the room off the end of the ink-filled corridor. One is sitting on the crate just in front of the door, the other is sitting on the second table.


-One in the stairway going up from Level 11, on the desk.


-Six in the stairway going up from Level 11, located on the floor beside a bunch of crates and a toilet.


-One in the stairway going down from Level K, sitting beside ink cans that are on the top of a set of drawers.


Do all of this, and you’ll get the achievement for collecting all of the cans!

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