Bendy and the Ink Machine – Chapter 4 – Bacon Soup Locations


Chapter 4 – Bacon Soup Locations

These are all the locations of the bacon soup cans.


-Near the broken elevator.

-In the trashcan in the room next to where theMeatly is hidden.

-In the middle of the archive room, next to a tv monitor.

-Next to the pipe where you get thick ink from the swollen searcher.

-On the shelf placed on the spiral stairway.

-In the case under the balcony where the ink person says “When do we go home!?”.

-Next to a crate in the area where the amusement park map is displayed.

-On one of the carnival game stands, particularly the out-of-order one.

-On the handrail next to where the butcher gang is found.

-Also in the butcher gang area, on a barrel, hidden behind three empty cans.

-On the shelf, next to the prisoner in the butcher gang area, you’ll need to jump to get it.

-Next to the corpse of one of the butcher gang members, in the carousel area.

-Also in the carousel area, on a crate next to the aforementioned corpse.

-Also in the carousel area, behind a barrel in the corner of the large room.

-Also in the carousel area, on a crate next to that creepy chair.

-In the projectionist area, under the pipes next to the little miracle station.

-In the projectionist area, on a barrel upstairs.

-Under the seat of the roller coaster cart in the back.

-In the room where you fight Boris, next to the pipe organ.


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