Beyond a Total Loss – General FAQ


General FAQ

The game is too hard, I’m being killed constantly!

A good tactic is to wait for enemies to get real close and then run the other way just before they attack. When they are recovering from their attack you have an opportunity to attack them! (Or just try to run past them.)

Also some enemies can be stunned temporarily when you kick them.


I want to make a cocktail with three drinks, but I can only select two!

First mix two then add another one.


The shed is locked! Where do I find the rusty key?

In the mouth of a stuffed reptile that’s missing an arm.


Where do I find the missing arm?

In a room you can access when you’ve got the normal key.


Where do I find the normal key?

Dr. Roche drops it when he leaves the room.


How do I make dr. Roche leave the room?

Give him what he wants, with an added something.


Where do I find the laxatives?

On the toilet in the gasstation.


How do I enter the gasstation?

Find the smelly key.


Where do I find the smelly key?

It’s near Randy in the moonshine cave.


Where is the moonshine cave?

Look for it using your lantern!


Where do I find a lantern?

Search the village and if you still can’t find it, ask the warden.


I found a sledgehammer, but I can’t seem to hit anyone with it. 

Try using it on a certain brick wall.


I can’t get into the house with the big wall next to it. 

Look for a sledgehammer in a dark basement.


I’m stuck in prison.

Have some patience.


I’m stuck in prison again!

Have some more patience.


I can’t open the door in the church.

Look for two parts of a cross.


Where do I find two parts of a cross?

One is in the attick that’s opened by the filthy key, the other one is dropped by the knight after you kill him.


I can’t find the cocktail shaker inside the warden’s house.

Try looking for it outside the house.


I don’t get that puzzle with the roman numerals. How do I get to the gin and vermouth?

Try looking for differences in upper case and lower case.


I can’t find the fun key.

The warden will give it to you in time.


I can’t find the gross and slimy key.

You can win it in the second round of the game show (optional).


What’s the password for the computer in the lab?

Ask around, maybe someone will tell you.


I can’t find all the eye keys (for the weird device)…

You can find one in one of the three large tanks filled with green goo; there’s one next to a dead body on the lowest floor in the animal holding (the cells with the pigs); and Mousse is carrying one around.


Where do I find the prison key?

It’s in one of the three large tanks.


I can’t access two of the large tanks, because they are full!

Go to the next room and use the drainage device to drain the tank you want to access.


Where do I find the red key card?

It’s in a room with three large tanks, two of which are filled with green goo.


Getting three pigs up to that elevator is too difficult!

There are two other ways you can solve this. (Think outside of the box.)


I can’t pick up the drawbridge wheel in the old farm, because when I do spikes are coming down from the ceiling!

Find another wheel to replace it with.


I can’t find another wheel!

There’s a small wooden building somewhere with a ladder that leads to the sewers. There’s one!


Where do I find the sewer key?

It’s in the cave where you meet the District Manager (blue suit, blue hat) next to a dead body.


I can’t move the bathtub and the switch in the toilet doesn’t work.

Try the sink.


A woman says there are invisible lasers next to her, but I don’t see anything.

The solution is in the room. If you don’t get it you should try another ordeal.


Do I really have to walk for 18 hours on the treadmill?

You can if you want to, but you can also listen to what the warden says.


I looked at the pictures in the pie in the desert, but when I walk into the quicksand I fall into spikes and die!

Push the button next to the pictures.


When I jump into the pool I drown. 

I guess then maybe you shouldn’t jump into the pool.


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