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Bit Heroes – Stats & Bonuses

14 December 2017, Thursday, 16:55:03


Stats & Bonuses

Listed below is a comprehensive list of stats/bonuses in the game (as of December 13, 2017):



Primary Stats

Power: Influences attacking and healing numbers, including those for your equipped Pet.


Stamina: 10 health points per point of Stamina.


Agility: Influences the speed you take turns. Higher Agility generally goes faster, but not always due to normalization.


Total Stats (TS): The sum of (Power + Stamina + Agility). PvP and GvG use this number to decide your potential opponents, and it is often the standard measure of a player’s strength.




Secondary Stats

Damage Bonus: Increases damage and healing numbers by this amount.


Health Bonus: Increases your maximum health by this amount. Also, at the start of every new battle, regenerate this portion of your currently missing HP once.


Speed Bonus: Increases the turnrate by this amount (after normalization).


Critical Chance: Chance for you to get critical damage or healing on any action you take, including Pet procs. Criticals affect the entire action, meaning that if a mulitiple-target skill crits, every target takes critical damage/healing. Without bonuses this chance starts at 10%.


Critical Damage: The amount of extra damage or healing that a critical gets. Without bonuses this amount starts at 50%.


Evade Chance: Chance for you to dodge an attack, taking no damage. Without bonuses this chance starts at 2.5%.


Block Chance: Chance for you to partially block an attack, taking half damage.


Life Steal: When you deal damage with your attacks (not Pet procs), this amount of the attack (rounded down) also heals your character.


Damage Enrage: When you take damage, this amount of the attack is added to your “rage” counter. Rage accumulates up to 10% of your maximum health points. On your turn you may choose to consume all of your rage, adding that amount of Power to the damage/healing done that turn by your action.


Deflect Chance: Chance for you to deflect an attack, sending it back to the enemy. Deflected attacks can be deflected again by the attacker. If a multiple-target attack gets deflected by one of the targets, only the part of the attack hitting that target gets deflected and not the whole thing.


Absorb Chance: Chance for you to absorb an attack, granting you shielding points instead of taking away health points. Shielding points cannot exceed 50% of your maximum health points.


Damage Reduction: Reduce the damage you take from every attack by this amount. Does not negatively affect healing or shielding received.


Dual Strike: Chance for you to perform the same action twice in a turn. The second use of the action does not consume SP and may also trigger “on hitting enemies” Pet procs.


Empower Chance: Chance for your actions (including Pet procs) to become Empowered, doing twice the damage and healing. Can stack multiplicatively with criticals.


Redirect Chance: Chance for an attack received by an ally to be redirected to you instead.


Team Enrage: Like Damage Enrage, but the damage received by any of your team members contributes towards your Rage points.





Item Find: May improve the quality of the equipment you find. This does not mean you’ll find more loot. This also does not affect the rate of finding Hypershards, Doubloons, or Rom Bits from floor spawns in raid dungeons or loot in Trials/Gauntlet battles.


Gold Find: Increases gold found from battles by this amount.


Experience: Increases exp earned from all sources by this amount (and by extension, your contributions to guild exp and guild honor).


Movement Speed: Makes your character walk faster in Town, Guild Hall, and in dungeons. Also increases the speed of battle animations. This does not affect combat stats whatsoever.


Capture Rate: Increases the likelihood of getting a capture chance (the Persuade/Bribe options to recruit familiars). This does not affect the success rate of Persuades.



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