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Bit Heroes – Tips & Tricks

14 December 2017, Thursday, 16:50:07


Tips & Tricks 

-You can usually switch your party members’ positions during battle (though some past PvP weekly events have disabled it, and you can’t switch positions during World Boss battles). It’s a free action so use it to spread incoming damage across your party members and prolong your runs through those difficult places.


-Potions are limited to one per character, per dungeon. Save your major potions for the problematic flags.


-Capture extra copies of the familiars you’re using if you can. You can put them into the Familiar Stable for minor improvements to that familiar’s primary stats.


-Interacting in friendly and positive ways with the community tends to get you some really nice friends in return.


-There is a /help command in the in-game chat. This shows you a list of chat commands (at time of writing, there are three commands: /view playername, /clear, and /time).


-The shop is constantly running a flash sale, 25% off the usual price for a randomly picked item every 8 hours or so. Not all items in the shop can go on flash sale, notably you’ll never see the eggs / boxes / chests there. However, this does include the minor boosts you can buy with gold, so stock up on some of these when you get a chance.


-Speaking of boosts, if you know you’re active enough to get 20k gold normally in a day (without gold boost bonuses) consider keeping the minor gold boost on all the time. You’ll make enough extra gold to cover the cost of the boost. This may be doable when you unlock Trials/Gauntlet, but it becomes much easier once you can start doing raid dungeons too.


-Once you reach the beginning of Lakehaven (zone 3), you may want to start doing some World Boss runs to get tier 3 equipment quickly. It can be significantly easier than trying to push into the first dungeon there.


-For those wanting to know exactly how Agility works…in short, your actual turnrate is given a normalization boost based on how far apart your Agility and Power stats are. The further apart they are, the higher this normalization boost is. It doesn’t matter if you have 500 Power + 500 Agility or 900 Power + 100 Agility, you’d end up with the same DPS over time due to this boost.



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